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Yarn Waste Recycling Machine

  • HSN62-1210W

  • HSN

  • 84451190


HSN62-1210W Fabric Waste Recycling Machine

 Textile Waste Recycling Machine CE-MD Certificate

Brief Introduction
2 openers of 600mm rolls 1.0m width with cotton boxes and 12 cleaners of 250mm rolls 1.3m width, Total 14 rolls machine per line, mainly recycle textile waste materials for fine spinning purpose, Opening machine consists of a pair feeding roller and an opening of cylinder, the opening Angle of nails mounted on the cylinder or comb card clothing for opening more completely, more cleaning machines improve mixing effects, the effects of obviously removing impurity, Also can increase running speed and production.

Main Features

Mature technology and economic investment

High efficiency and low power consumption.

Technical Specifications


2 x HSN600

12 x HSN250W

 Roll Diameter






 Main Motor


 6 x 11.0kw

 Feeding gearbox with motor

2 x 1.5kw

 6 x 2.2kw

 Dust Suction Fan 

1 x 4.0kw

 4 x 4.0kw

Material Feeding Fan

1 x 7.5kw

1 x 4.0kw

 Dust cage Diameter










HSN62-1210W Textile Waste Recycling Machine can be used to recycle most kinds of textile waste ( cotton fabric, polyester fabric, knitting hosiery fabric, denim waste, hard waste tread yarn, clothing and garment rags) and get the fibers from these waste, recycled fibers can used for rotor spinning and other textile industrial to save costs, our HSN62-1210W textile waste recycling machine, normally be installed in spinning mills, garment mills, weaving mills, cotton mills, non-woven mills and fabric cotton waste processing mills.

Layout HSN62-1210W 

Layout HSN62-1210W

Fabric Waste Recycling HSN62-1210W (12)Fabric Waste Recycling HSN62-1210W (10)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (3)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (7)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (1)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (5)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (4)Control Panel HSN62-1210W (2)

HSN Machinery Limited, established by Zhang Linfeng in 1997, now our firm is one of the leading China suppliers in designing, production and commissioning of waste recycling machinery.




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