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Single Needle Long Arm Quilting Machine

  • HSN26-3535

  • HSN

  • 84522190

  • Automatic

  • Home Textile


Long Arm Computer Quilting Machine

Brief Introduction

Computer quilting machine is the combination of quilting machine and computer operating system. We are developing the technology from the mid of 2000 year. It fills the technical gap of the electronic control system of quilting industry. Under the control of its precise computer system, the computer quilting machine can perfectly handle the various complex patterns compiled on the entire coordinate system, and its production speed, mechanical properties, noise pollution and other indicators are incomparable to the previous quilting machinery.


How it works

Quilting machine and computer quilting machine have the same principle. Both are systems with XY-Z movements. The XY axis controls the movement of the machine head, and the Z axis controls the quilting of the machine head.

(1) Z-axis directional movement - the movement of the quilting needle up and down.

(2) X-axis directional movement - the head of the quilting machine moves left and right.

(3) Y-axis directional movement - the head of the quilting machine moves back and forth.

Main Features

1. Thinness adjustment function: to adjust different thicknesses, you can adjust the depth of the quilting according to the relevant instructions.

2. Pattern storage & edit function: Computer quilting machine disk can store patterns for a long time, users can choose to use and add patterns as needed. It also has the very strong figure editing function, users can automatically design patterns quickly and easily.

3. Set the line step function: strong reliability, uniform line step, pattern is not easy to deform, and big shuttle can effectively prevent thread broken.

4. Thread broken detection function: When the thread is broken, the system automatically stops.

5. Information display function: You can see the spindle speed, parking factor, output statistics, remaining memory and other display on the display.

6. Safety device: Abnormal phenomena such as computers, motors, and machines will automatically stop, and the screen will display.

7. Reinforcement seam function: After opening the reinforcement quilting function, the quilting machine automatically quilts the back and forth needle at a specific point.

8. Power failure memory function: when the power is cut off or the power is cut off during the operation, or when the quilting machine (needle or thread) has a problem and needs to be stopped, the computer quilting machine can automatically and quickly, along the route of the pattern movement route for fast forward or rewind. And when it is necessary to continue quilting, you can automatically or manually return to the quilting point at the time of shutdown to continue quilting.

9. Pattern function: The pattern is expanded or reduced by 50%-200% horizontal and vertical unilateral edges, and the unit is automatically repaired at 1%, and during the operation, when the line is broken or there is no bottom line, the specified needle can be automatically or manually used to return to the stitch direction for repair.

10. Land utilization rate: The computer quilting machine occupies a small area, but the quilting size is large.

Widely applied to all sorts of quilts, high quality clothing, handbags, blankets, mattress, quilt covers, seat covers, cushion, sleeping bags and household ornaments.

Technical Specifications




Max   Quilting Size

3.5x3.5m   (can be adjusted per customer’s requirement)

Max Needle Drop Size


Type of   Quilting

Single needle/Double locking sewing/ big Rotary Shuttle

Max thickness


Max Rotating Needle Speed


Distance   between needles



SINGER   MR5 18~22#


220V/50Hz   1.5KW

Driven Motor

Stepper Motor



Overall   Dimension (L x W x H)


 HSN26-3535 Quilting Machine (15)Details HSN26-3535 (1)Details HSN26-3535 (8)Details HSN26-3535 (4)Details HSN26-3535 (6)Details HSN26-3535 (3)Details HSN26-3535 (2)

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